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At L.F George Jewelry Co., we take pride in offering a variety of services.




Products Offered:

Vast Selection of Wedding Rings - We offer a wide variety of modern to contemporary style wedding sets and bands. From white gold, yellow gold and platinum, we will try our best to fulfill your desire. And if for some reason you cannot find the perfect ring from our selection of over 2000 bands, we can also custom make any design you have in mind.

Engagement Rings - Make your engagement a memorable occasion by selecting from over 2000 rings. Surprise your loved one with a ring that promises a lifetime of commitment and joy with a selected piece from our selection.

Loose Diamonds - We specialize in Diamonds and carry a range as small as 0.01 carats and as large as 20 carats. L.F. George Jewelry offers an array of certified diamonds issued by the leading gemological laboratories in the world. We strive to help newlyweds or even couples celebrating their 50^th anniversary choose the diamond that fits their budget. Our exclusive Upgrade Policy allows you 100% credit of your original stone’s purchase price toward a larger diamond if you are ever unsatisfied with your previous purchase.

Color Stones - A variety of colored stones is offered at L.F. George Jewelry. Velvety sapphires and rosy red rubies are available to those who appreciate the lustrous color of gemstones. Emeralds resembling the green hills of the countryside are hand picked by the owner George himself. From tanzanite to peridot, garnet to amethyst, L.F. George Jewelry has an assortment of colored stones for any occasion. L.F. George Jewelry also offers our colored stones in finished pendants, rings and earrings.

Variety of Birthstones - With each birthday’s passing, your special someone deserves a stone to recognize their momentous date of birth. Celebrate their birthday by giving a hand picked stone to remember every year as if it were yesterday.

14k & 18K Gold Mounting - Choose a stone from our selection or even bring in your own. L.F. George Jewelry offers a collection of gold mountings to accent any precious gemstone. From simple prong settings to luxurious channel set mountings, we offer many styles to fit your needs.

14K & 18K Fine Jewelry - Celebrate any occasion with our selection of fine 14K and 18K gold jewelry. 14K gold Diamond tennis bracelets to celebrate a birthday or gorgeous white gold pendants to touch her heart can be found at L.F. George Jewelry.

Pearls - Akoya Cultured Japanese pearls complemented with Freshwater Cultured pearls are available in various sizes, colors and styles to match any outfit, from the working business woman to the elegant wife celebrating the night out on the town. Treat yourself or your significant other by giving a gift as beautiful as a pearl.

14K Necklaces - Everyone deserves a necklace they can show off to their friends. Come by to view our assortment of Omega and diamond necklaces available for any budget.

Jades - From one piece bangles to beads, green to lavender, our collection of jade gemstones is the perfect gift, especially to those who cherish the rare and precious gem.

Earrings - Choose from our pre-made diamond studded earrings or select your own loose stones and set them in custom mountings, L.F. George Jewelry will contend to satisfy your heart’s desire.

Services Offered:

Jewelry Maintenance - Having your jewelry examined and maintained will help keep your personal collection durable and beautiful for many years to come. From polishing dull gold to resizing rings, we offer services catered to your needs. Bring back the life of your pieces and make them shine like the day you purchased them by having your pieces professionally cleaned in our ultrasonic machines and polishing wheels. Also, prevent stones from being lost by having them examined at no cost to you on a yearly basis. L.F. George Jewelry believes that jewelry should last a lifetime, so help us keep your beautiful jewelry maintained and come by for a complimentary examination.

Jewelry Repair - Damaged jewelry cannot be adored sitting in a jewelry box hidden from view. 30 years of experience in gold and gemstones gives L.F. George Jewelry the necessary knowledge to repair any piece in need of repair. Bring back the life of your jewelry by letting our professional bench jeweler repair any damaged pieces you may own.

Custom Designs - Want to create your own custom jewelry piece? Not a problem for our bench jeweler who has been making custom designed pieces for many years. Create your own one of a kind style masterpiece and let us bring your dreams to reality. Work with our team of professionals and our jeweler, who have 50 years of combined experience of design knowledge to create what your mind can only imagine. Share ideas to make a piece you can truly call your own.